Welcome to Saskatoon Firefighters Chase the Ace

Draw Details


Tickets may be purchased online throughout the week or on site every Monday evening between 6:00pm

and 8:00pm at the Canadian Brewhouse Saskatoons Stonebridge location. 

Ticket Pricing

1 ticket for $5

5 Tickets for $10

20 tickets for $20

10,000 Sets of tickets for $5.00

15,000 Sets of tickets at 5 tickets for $10.00

40,000 Sets of tickets at 20 tickets for $20.00

 Tickets may only be purchased or sold within Saskatchewan 


Weekly winners will receive 20% of the weekly sales and a chance to cut a deck of cards in search of the Ace of Spades. If the Ace of Spades is chosen, the winner receives the cumulative jackpot (“Prize”) which consists of 30% of every week’s sales. *** Pot will start at $5,000 at the start of the licence